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KleenTech Testimonials

Russell Borders—John Bleakley R.V.
R.V Streak Remover is the only product our detailing shop will use because it works!

Charles Robinson—West Palm Beach, FL
I really like the Pink Lotion Soap. It doesn’t dry my hands.

John Dawkins—chick-fil-A North Augusta
We have been using the Extreem Green for a while now. This product has replaced multiple products. We are using it successfully as a cleaner, degreaser and for floor maintenance. This product is very versitle. Using this product and running it thru a proportioner has definitely saved us money.

Carolyn Bingham-West Palm Beach, FL
I am a multiple pet owner and with that comes carpet situations. I never found the right cleaning product until I used Nature Fresh spotter manufactured by KleenTech Solutions, Inc. Not only is it excellent in removing pet stains but, it is a wonder spot remover for our clothes. I highly recommend it.

Harold Bogner-President (Bogner’s Carpet & Tile Cleaning-Serving South Florida)
I have been cleaning carpets and tile, both residential and commercial; for over twenty years. Kleentech Solutions, Mean Green and Erase are the only products that I will use; Not only are they very effective and very cost effective but; they are also environmentally save. Today, that means a lot. Use them-you won’t regret it!

Wade Bence—Chick-fil-A Oxford,Alabama
We use The Mean Green Cleaning System as our floor cleaner and equipment degreaser. It does a great job and it is very easy to use and measure. Great cleaning product!